The 2011 candidates preparing for the National Exams

The 2011 National Exams begin on OCT. 18th through November 11th. The candidates are busy preparing to seat for the papers. The ear has been long and taxing in all spheres and students have been able to bravely over come the challenges. Their patience and understanding is mark in the history of the school.

This has been the time when the school’s has passed through real financial shrinkage never experienced before. Students went without food several days and weeks and they understood. Congratulations for Leading by example our candidates.

We are sure that you make very able leaders if you stand by even when things seem hard as they have been. We will make it, help is on the way, and change will surely come. We appreciate all the visitors who have paid us a visit and especially Jeremy Horne and His team of Life change Adventures ( Many blessings to you as you pray with us in this endevour to make change in the lives of our youths.


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