Mixed Reactions on the recently released KCSE Exams

There were mixed reaction at the recently released Kenya Certficate of Secondary Examinations at Shilce.  Surprises met so many schools just as our own Shilce Seconchooldary. Starehe Boys School, a giant in exams that had topped for many years had actually dropped badly. The first student from the school was number 58 in the country ranking of schools. Further, for the first time in the hisory of the school there were Ds.  Condemnations have been thrown to the Principal and the Teachers for changing tact from the previous culture of the founder which saw the school top in the exams for so many years.

At Shilce, Cresent Ajwala scored a B- to clinche second place following Migwi who led with a B. Cresent had been a long time drop out. He had been away from school for close to ten years. When his father died, he was unable to continue with studies since there was nobody to pay his fees.When he came to Nairobi to stay with a brother, he learnt of Shilce Secondary School. He approached the school and asked for a chance to seat for his KCSE. After national examination registration, he got a job which required him there most times. He opted to keep at the job but still study on his own so he succeeds in his examinations. His grade surprised students and Teachers alike. Fellow students who had not expected this were amazed by his impressive work. Those who were expected to get good grades did not impress and so last year’s exams recoreded a surprise drop in performance than had earlier expected.

The challenge now is with the current candidates to return back the glory of Shilce. We have recieved District awards before for good performance in the District. This time we have missed it just as Starehe missed it. We are determined to go back there and more. The current candidates are called upon to exercise seriousness, focus and determination. We look forward to As and more Bs for the 2011 candidates. Teachers, it is work time.

Those who did not perform well you have a chance back at Shilce to get the grades you needed. There is always time for amends. We shall be their to surport you.


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