Completion of 2010 third term

The third term for the 2010 is coming top an end on November 26th, 2010 all the outgoing candidates are requested to come for clearence. Any school text books, equipment or articles that the students have are required back. Make an effort to broing back all these material, take up your clearence form duely signed. Those with school balances are asked to pay in the school collection account and submit the slips to the bursar for reciepts.

Form one to form three currently seating their qualification exams to the next class should also participate in the clearence as stated. I wish all the students beautiful exam period and wonderful vacation.

The school constraction program is still on and very soon we shall be walling the first wing and possibly complete this first wing by January. Any parents or students who wish to participate in any form of work at the site should contact the site control officials on commencement of this work. We shall be uploading Pictures for the work as it is now.

Many Blessings.

David Baraza


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